From a Failing Student To a Promising Micronaut Coder.


If you ever told me one day I will become a software developer with a bright future and well-paid career, I would just yawn and say:” Inshallah (If Allah wills) ”.

You see, a few years ago all my concerns were how to graduate from high school as it was the point that determines where I will end up.

I’ve struggled mightily just to graduate from high school.

And with a low degree, I was lucky to get into University and I’ve wasted two years jumping from one department to another as I’ve failed the exams.

Hello World:

With doubt and crossed fingers, My brother who is a senior front-end developer pushed me to learn to code in late 2017.

I started reading, watching courses, copying code from StackOverFlow, skim through different topics.

I repeated this cycle for 2 years with no clear direction of what I should be doing, And with no real progress or vision.

Till I came upon Microverse in 2020!

From here I will tell you 3 reasons why you should join Microverse and how it radically changed my life.

This reason is just enough for you to get convinced.

Microverse, They have a very structured curriculum to guarantee you the best learning experience.

Provided with each module, 6 collaborative/solo projects to strengthen your skills and to ensure your mastery.

After submitting each project there is a review process by code reviewers to check if the project meets the standards and best practices.

This is where the fun starts!

Microverse has a diversity of hundreds of students from all over the world, You will never feel alone and you will never feel left behind.

Where can I start?

With the friendly Stand-up team? With the motivating coding partner? With the supportive community?

  • Stand-up team: is a group of 4~6 students who meet twice a day to discuss coding topics and solve coding challenges and…to meditate! (or watch memes in free time!)
  • Coding partner: You don’t like studying alone? It’s boring? Me too! Through each module, you get different coding partners to study with and to work on collaborative projects together.
  • Community: The perfect thing about Microverse is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of active students! who are kind and supportive, All you need to do is seek help and you shall be helpt!

Microverse goal is not only to help you learn hard skills (e.g coding) but to be a complete professional software developer!

It provides you with different curriculums that will ensure that you master hard and soft skills.

And before you graduate they help you with interview preparation and guide you through the process of job searching.

They describe their curriculum as: “ A curriculum that helps you learn the most in-demand skills in software development so you can get a great job, no matter where you live.”


As you can see, Microverse provided me with the perfect opportunity to excel in something I love!

Me doing what I love.

It doesn’t matter what is your background or your education, You always have another chance no matter what!

It’s near-impossible to feel bored or distracted with Microverse as they make the process of learning fun and engaging!

Now at age 22, I don’t have to worry about what do I need to learn or even second-guess my career.

It’s a matter of time before I have my next paycheck thanks to Microverse and to my passion to learn!




Front-end web developer and graduate student from Microverse.

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Abdo Amin

Abdo Amin

Front-end web developer and graduate student from Microverse.

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