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In today’s article I am going to speak about the following:

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What is Web3?

Web 3.0 is the new emerging version of the internet that…Maybe I should explain what is Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 first :)

Using reduce() with map(), sort(), filter() and reverse

Are you ready to be friends withreduce ? I know it is scary…But, you have to.

reduce is one vague and scary method unlike filter ,map , and forEach .

The problem with reduce is: why on earth do I need to use it?!

Today, I will tell you what…

Hello :)

This is a quicky article.

I am going to explain what is middleware in Redux and what is Thunk.

If you don’t understand Redux well enough, I suggest that you read my article on Redux.

What is middleware?

Reducers in Redux must be always pure functions, which means you CAN’T do…

Using useEffect Hook Correctly with React

First, let me confuse you by saying that useEffectis “the unification” of 3 React Class component lifecycle methods combined in one hook (AKA method).

If you don’t know what is “lifecycle methods”, I suggest that you read my article about components.

These lifecycle methods are:

1.ComponentDidMount: did the component render?

Understand the Difference Between Pure and Impure Functions in JavaScript

Today, I am going to explain what is “pure” and “impure” in JavaScript.

1- Pure Function:

2- Impure Function:

That’s it :)

Thank you for reading……

Just kidding, let me explain few things:


Look at this example and tell me what is the output of calling add function with…

Hello :)
I am a graduate student from Microverse, during interview prep, they gave me access to a set of questions in order to practice.

I am sharing some of the questions and answering them myself.

NOTE: If you find any mistake or a potentially wrong answer, please let me…

Hello :)

I am a graduate student from Microverse and during my interview prep, they provided me with a spreadsheet of interview questions to practice.

I am going to share some of these questions and answer them myself.

NOTE: If you find any mistake or a potentially wrong answer, please…

What is Redux and how it works.

Redux is a light “standalone” JavaScript library, which means it can be used with any UI framework, most frequently, it is used with ReactJS.

Note: to use Redux with React, you must download the React-Redux package.

Redux is a state management tool that works as a “centralized store,” which means…

What are Components, States, Props, and LifeCycles in React

What is a React Component?

A component, in simple words, is: “reusable piece of code.”

The purpose of components is that they allow you to break the project into small “reusable” chunks.

Reusable means that you can use them again and again and…Again.

For example, I wrote 64 lines of code to display a navbar…

Hello :)

Today’s topic is JSX.

JSX is an abbreviation for (J)ava(S)cript (X)ML.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to know what is XML to use JSX, and you don’t need to download anything because it is included with React.

JSX is a “syntax extension” that allows you to write HTML…

Abdo Amin

Front-end web developer and graduate student from Microverse.

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