JavaScript interview questions. Answered by me.

1- What is the significance of, and reason for, wrapping the entire content of a JavaScript source file in a function block?

  • Keeps your data private
  • Avoids polluting the global scope with global variables.
  • Avoids overriding an already existing variable (declared in another file)

2-What is the significance, and what are the benefits, of including ‘use strict’ at the beginning of a JavaScript source file?

3-What is NaN? What is its type? How can you reliably test if a value is equal to NaN?

4-What is a “closure” in JavaScript? Provide an example.

5-How do you clone an object?

6-How do you add an element at the beginning of an array? How do you add one at the end?

7-What is the difference between undefined and not defined in JavaScript?

8-How do you check if an object is an array or not?

9-What is function hoisting in JavaScript?

10-Explain how `this` works in JavaScript

11-Explain how prototypal inheritance works

12-Explain why the following doesn’t work as an IIFE: “function foo(){ }();”. What needs to be changed to properly make it an IIFE?

13-What’s the difference between a variable that is: null, undefined, or undeclared? How would you go about checking for any of these states?

14-Can you describe the main difference between a .forEach loop and a .map() loop and why you would pick one versus the other?

15-What’s a typical use case for anonymous functions?

16-Difference between: function Person(){}, var person = Person(), and var person = new Person()?

17-What’s the difference between .call and .apply?

18-Explain Function.prototype.bind.

19-Explain Ajax in as much detail as possible.

20-What’s the difference between an “attribute” and a “property”?

21-What is the difference between == and ===?

22-Why is it, in general, a good idea to leave the global scope of a website as-is and never touch it?

23-Explain what a single-page app is and how to make one SEO-friendly.

24-What are the pros and cons of using Promises instead of callbacks?

25-What tools and techniques do you use debugging JavaScript code?

26-What language constructions do you use for iterating over object properties and array items?

27-Explain the difference between mutable and immutable objects.

28-Explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous functions.

29-What is an event loop? What is the difference between a call stack and a task queue?

30-What are the differences between variables created using let, var, or const?

  • hoisted up to the function scope
  • can be re-assigned a value
  • can be re-declared
  • hoisted up to the block scope
  • can be re-assigned
  • can’t be re-declared
  • hoisted up the block scope
  • can’t be re-declared or re-assigned

31-What are the differences between ES6 class and ES5 function constructors?

  • A syntactic sugar that utilizes the power of prototypes in JavaScript
  • It is used to create new objects
  • It allows you to declare prototype methods inside the block of the class to be inherited by new objects down the prototype chain.
  • It binds this to the new object being created.
  • uses the new keyword operator
  • It is used to create new objects
  • It allows you to declare prototype methods but outside the block of the constructor.
  • uses the new keyword operator

33-Can you describe the Document Object Model in JavaScript?

34-What is the difference between function scope and block scope in JavaScript?

35-What will this do and why? var foo = 10 + ‘20’;




Front-end web developer and graduate student from Microverse.

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Abdo Amin

Abdo Amin

Front-end web developer and graduate student from Microverse.

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